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The Professional Solution

Instant itemised quotes for the international language school sector.


The Universal Solution

Turn course price information management into an attractive asset. Let students engage with your prices to get the precise price information they want.

CoursePricer works in any currency for multiple course structures and pricing systems. Elegant, fast "white label" solution: instant quotes for students using your website or other sites in your network.


How does it work?

1. Upload your course and service price data

2. Copy and paste the embed code into your website

3. Offer instant quotes to your site visitors

You can then also install it wherever you like.


Try it!

Click below to see some CoursePricer installations.

link to Olivet  link to IH Bristol  link to inlingua Cheltenham  link to UK College of English  link to Lila

To see 400 schools from 20 countries, click here.


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